Rio Gallegos | Caleta Olivia

Santa Cruz Duty Free Zone (SCDFZ) consists of two parcels of land, Rio Gallegos and Caleta Olivia, which are extra-customs territories where goods entering and remaining within their limits are exempt from the payment of export and import duties until their final destination.

It is possible to rent spaces for storing merchandise, set up industries or set up commercial offices or show rooms in these tracts of land; all of this with first level infrastructure, this way becoming one of the world's most advanced Duty Free Zones.


Industrial production benefits from duty-free import of inputs, machinery and equipment, in addition to being allowed to introduce raw materials from the General Customs Territory (TAG), which are exempt from VAT taxation. This allows drastically reducing operating costs, working capital and investments in machinery and equipment.

This way, there is an excellent platform for exporting locally manufactured products in conditions of competitiveness with international markets and without adding tax components in production costs, being also entitled to receive export incentives in force included in the TAG.


In SCDFZ properties, it is possible to import and store products destined both to the domestic market (by paying the corresponding duties and taxes only at the time of nationalization) and to re-export them to third countries.

The products stored can be commercially improved with different operations (packing change, fractioning, label change, packaging perfection, shipment consolidation and deconsolidation, etc.), thus achieving an optimization of import costs and avoiding the financial burden of keeping a stock of industrial products or inputs, for which duties and taxes have been paid, until their actual use or sale.

Likewise, transfers of goods between users are exempt from VAT payment.


SCDFZ offers the possibility to companies and professionals to establish themselves as service providers, within a pole specialized in all types of foreign trade operations.

In this way, companies will be able to count on logistics, insurance, financial and legal consulting, stock control, medicine, courier services, quality control, architecture and engineering, information technology, temporary personnel, maintenance, etc., supporting and boosting your activity, having, in addition, tax exemptions in the basic services.


In Rio Gallegos estate, in addition to the activities described above, there is the possibility of retailing, as provided by Executive Order 1388/13 and its regulation, which makes it possible to commercialize a wide range of items including automobiles and construction materials.

Those interested can have a retail space in the Mall or build their own establishment on the grounds of the Duty Free Zone.

In this way, the Retail Duty Free Zone will house the main international brands and products at the same prices as in the best Free Shops in the world. This area will also have the infrastructure, the spaciousness and the necessary services to create an atmosphere of relaxation, comfort and entertainment for the visitor.


It is one who has formalized a contract with the Concessionaire authorizing it to carry out activities within the Wholesale Duty Free Zone.
A PERMIT HOLDER is a Direct User who has formalized a Contract with the CONCESSIONAIRE authorizing it to carry out activities within the scope of the Retail Duty Free Zone.
It is one who has formalized a Contract with a Direct User, prior authorization from the Concessionaire, authorizing it to carry out activities within the jurisdiction of that Direct User in the Wholesale Duty Free Zone. The legal form of INDIRECT USER has no application within the scope of the Retail Duty Free Zone.
Who can be a user?



Rio Gallegos Duty Free Zone, with an area of 200 ha, is located in the outskirts of the Provincial Capital, in an unbeatable location, with easy access to the Maritime Port of Punta Loyola, the Airport of Rio Gallegos, the border with Chile and to routes 3 and 40, the main communication routes of Patagonia.

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Caleta Olivia Duty Free Zone, with an initial surface area of 20 ha, is located on National Route 3, at the northern end of the Province and at the head of Caleta Paula Port.

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